TeleHealth Services is the nation’s leading provider of fully-managed interactive patient satisfaction solutions including hospital interactive television and hospital internet access.

Our family of interactive products – iTigr, TIGR, TigrNet, and TRMS – deliver highly-effective self-service programs that will advance your hospital’s position as a leader in patient services and satisfaction. Using our products and solutions to engage patients and families in your service excellence and quality initiatives, hospitals are able to create operational efficiencies, decrease the recovery period, and achieve benchmarks critical to the facilities overall success. At the same time, patients are demanding the latest healthcare and educational materials, hospital information, connectivity to family members and friends through hospital internet access, and more independence to self-select amenities and services to enhance their hospital experience.

Each turnkey interactive solution has been specifically developed to support TeleHealth’s total product platform, giving your facility the flexibility to deploy different systems in different areas of the hospital, as well as providing for future expansion. Additionally, TeleHealth Services is uniquely suited to support your IT resources.

We employ industry-leading hardware and software resources to provide a wide range of options that include comprehensive network design, implementation, and fully-managed infrastructure. These highly-specialized services, available on demand, can scale rapidly as your facility needs.

With more than 50 years of experience and more than 400 interactive patient education systems deployed across the country, TeleHealth is dedicated to providing our clients with the most advanced healthcare education and entertainment solutions in the industry.

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