TeleHealth Services offers a revolutionary, interactive communications and information system to the healthcare industry, TigrNet.

TIGRNET™ Patient Education Tools

A fully interactive technology platform, TigrNet provides a powerful array of tools to assist patient’s education and information through the use of your bedside hospital televisions.

TigrNet provides the patient with a home-like experience without sacrificing performance. Our reporting systems allow hospital staff access to view detailed reports on how patients are using the system. TigrNet supports all programming languages, allowing it to function and feel like a home PC internet browsing experience.

What else makes TigrNet’s Hospital Education system stand out?

  • Touch-screen technology. A user-friendly interface allows the screen to display information that is directly related to the patient and is important to the hospital.
  • Hospital-wide education. TigrNet’s education component is robust and allows hospitals to stream educational content throughout the facility, not just in rooms that are equipped with the service.
  • Integrated and customized Pillow Speakers. TigrNet Pillow Speakers are designed with buttons that are color coordinated with the on-screen user interface, allowing easy navigation and television control.
  • Medical Keyboards, IKEY® Slimkey-MD. These compact keyboards are sealed and waterproofed to meet industrial specifications. They feature low-profile keys for easy cleaning and are safe for use with sprays and germicidal wipes.
  • Multiple languages. For facilities that are located in a culturally diverse area, we provide our services in both English and Spanish.
  • Filtering Engine. Content can be filtered to ensure it meets the preferences of your hospital and will filter out any unsuitable programming.
  • Customizable Configurable User Interface Screen. This allows your hospital to display the information that is most important. From admissions details and visitor information to service requests, feedback or TV channel guides, TigrNet ensures that all patients see this vital information.
  • TIGR Education Component. This delivers access to education programs throughout your hospital, not just in rooms equipped with TigrNet. This allows you to provide a hospital-wide video education solution, placing TigrNet only in those locations where patients and their families will benefit most.

TigrNet is revolutionizing patient education and entertainment. Across the country, we are implementing systems custom designed for each hospital’s education and entertainment goals.