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Matt Barker

Matt Barker is the VP of Marketing for TeleHealth Services. He earned his degree in Business Marketing from UNC-Wilmington and has been with TeleHealth since 2008. Matt’s role on the TIGR team enables him to help shape our product offering to meet the interactive needs of our customers. He states that he likes "talking with hospitals and patients about how TIGR has made a difference in their quality of care and recovery." In his free time, Matt enjoys spending time coaching his four year old son’s soccer team.




  • Can the nurse prescribe videos from the nursing station telephone or do they need to go to the patient's room each time?
    Yes, the nurse can prescribe videos from the nursing station. First, you must dial into the TIGR system. You will then enter the 3 digit code and listen for the instructions telling you which channel to tune to, and the patient must be advised of the channel accordingly. Do keep in mind, however, that these non-patient room request cannot be reported on in unit usage reports.
  • Is it possible to prescribe videos from staff PCs?
    Yes, you may prescribe videos using the TIGR web admin tool via a staff PC or an EMR interface should you have chosen that optional feature. Contact your TeleHealth Sales Representative if interested in establishing an EMR interface.
  • Can the patient place the educational video on "pause" & go back to the video at a later time where they left off?
    No, the TIGR system does not allow viewers to pause and return to videos later, as these paused videos would tie up your available TIGR channels.
  • Can patients choose more than one video at a time and view it in sequence?
    No, currently patients can only request and view one educational video at a time. However, videos are available on-demand, 24x7 for their convenience.
  • If TIGR is initiated from the patient room using the patient's telephone, does this mean the patient is unable to receive calls while watching the video?
    No. Once the video has been prescribed, the telephone portion is complete and the receiver can be hung up while the patient views the video. The audio of the video will come from the television and/or pillow/bed speaker.
  • If I am in the patient's room and I forget how to access an educational video for the patient, do I need to go back to the nurses' station to get the "cheat sheet" instructions?
    No, staff members can turn the television to an available TIGR education channel to begin education sessions. Then simply follow the step by step instructions displayed on the television or view your marquee displaying the available videos and codes.
  • What happens when all the TIGR channels are being used?
    The TIGR system will respond accordingly to the patient\'s request for a video and will offer the patient the option to be called back once a channel is available. Waiting times are typically short due to the brief length of health education videos. Once a channel becomes available, TIGR will automatically call the patient back to advise that their video is ready and instruct them to turn to a specific channel to begin their education session.