About TeleHealth

About Us

TeleHealth Services is the nation’s leading provider of comprehensive healthcare television and interactive patient education and engagement solutions to the healthcare industry. With more than 50 years of point-of-care expertise and 400 interactive systems implemented across the US, TeleHealth has a unique understanding of the in-patient environment. We provide the best value for designing, building, and maintaining patient entertainment, education, and engagement solutions for hospitals.

We have a very simple mission: to provide total solutions designed to meet the needs of healthcare facilities. This consultative approach is achieved by our service-based strategy:

  • Identifying customers’ needs
  • Instituting the best products
  • Industry leading support and account management
  • Providing superior financial returns

Our array of healthcare education and entertainment products and services enhance the hospital experience by combining the latest in cutting-edge technology with all the comforts of home. Together with clients, we develop an implementation roadmap that cost-effectively meets varied education, entertainment, and information requirements while addressing the growing focus on Meaningful Use, HCAHPS scores, and care management. Our proposed interactive solutions can be implemented in phases to provide flexible, consistent, hospital-approved education within the hospital’s current technology and budget parameters while creating the foundation to expand system functionality, upgrade technology, and increase value. We focus on the optimal healing environment and added care management functionality to enhance patient care and empower patients and their caregivers throughout the recovery process.

In addition to our comprehensive patient engagement systems, TeleHealth Services is the only vendor that can provide a complete turn-key visual solution, including televisions, headend and distribution systems, audio visual solutions, and educational and entertainment content. Just with our interactive focus, we handle these projects through consultative approaches: deep discussions with our customers to find out what their current situation is (challenges, goals, infrastructure, etc.) and how we can help them completely improve the patient experience by creating home-like environments.

TeleHealth Services’ long-standing leadership position in the industry allows us to provide hospitals only the best value and operability. With best-in-class facility practices combined with a proven implementation methodology, our products and services are delivered by a dedicated and experienced team of experts who will support you throughout the partnership. Our resilient, service-based operation is specifically tailored to exceed healthcare facility requirements and expectations, in turn setting us apart from our competition. Simply put, we deliver the best client and patient experience in the industry.