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TeleHealth Services Launches New Interactive Patient Engagement System, iTigr

February 16, 2012

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Unveiled at Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) 2012, updated interactive patient engagement solution offers increased functionality, improved clinical workflow and tailored learning.

Raleigh, NC – TeleHealth Services, the nation’s leading provider of healthcare-grade televisions and interactive patient education solutions, today announced that it will be unveiling, iTigr, the latest interactive patient engagement solution in their TigrVision family of products at the annual Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Conference in Las Vegas, NV. iTigr utilizes the pillow speaker as the user’s navigational tool and provides for advanced levels of care management. A distinct advantage of this new system is the expanded clinical opportunities gained from a one-on-one patient connection. By providing patients, clinicians, and staff with the ability to order patient-specific education and execute service requests at the point of care, the TigrVision brand of products allows hospitals a scalable solution to deliver better, more efficient care while improving patient satisfaction and adherence.

The new iTigr patient engagement system combines all the features of TeleHealth’s Tigr AP system, with enhanced capabilities and benefits for an increased interactive experience. This added interactivity provides access to key service recovery and focused education tasks from the patient room via the pillow speaker. Hospitals are then able to provide extended services to help better manage patient care while increasing patient satisfaction and compliance. iTigr’s expanded addressability delivers interactive sessions unique to individual patients through bi-directional communication, giving hospitals the ability to tailor their education and entertainment experience, all while keeping within a cost effective price point. By directing the flow of information to patients, iTigr provides for further efficiency in clinical workflow, allowing clinicians to take advantage of valuable teachable moments and deliver more private, personalized care. Hospitals can also utilize iTigr’s ability to showcase and deliver access to their facility’s revenue generating services.

“Patient engagement is a critical success factor for hospitals, and the addition of iTigr to our interactive patient-care system portfolio contributes significantly to these efforts,” said Richard Bootes, vice president of research and development at TeleHealth Services. “Understanding how patients access, comprehend, and retain critical patient information was the genesis of the iTigr system. The tools available in iTigr assist clinicians in delivering timely, consistent education that yields increased patient comprehension and provides better patient care through more efficiently managed service requests. This in turn helps satisfy many of the patient-centric regulatory requirements that are directly tied to meeting “Meaningful Use” and evolving reimbursement strategies. The more we can support a consistent patient-education effort, optimize nursing workflows, and help hospitals provide that patient-centric approach to care, the more impact we will have on positive patient recoveries, reduced readmissions and lower healthcare costs.”


  • Enhances patient education and understanding for improved clinical outcomes and reduced readmissions
  • Supports requirements for meeting “Meaningful Use” with patient-specific education
  • Improves patient satisfaction by providing consistent education and focused hospital information
  • Improves health literacy with video-based educational resources presented in plain language (including multilingual learning)
  • Aids in increasing patient satisfaction to meet The Joint Commission requirements with
  • real-time service recovery capabilities


  • Pillow speaker driven user navigation of interactive sessions
  • Patient-unique user experience and information delivery
  • Enhanced interactivity with key clinical systems, such as EMR and ADT
  • Service Dashboard for advanced service recovery and workflow management

"Patients today are taking a proactive approach to managing and assessing their healthcare needs," said Bootes. "People are looking for trusted and proven healthcare information, and with upcoming final rules around Meaningful Use Stage 2 requirements being more focused on patient engagement, iTigr allows hospitals to provide a customized approach to meeting both needs. iTigr helps hospitals provide this enhanced patient engagement by creating an interactive environment that provides hospital patients with a comprehensive and scalable source for communication, education, and entertainment.”

For more information on the iTigr system, or to receive a product demonstration, please visit TeleHealth Services, booth #3858, at HIMSS 2012, February 21 - 23 in Las Vegas, NV

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