Testimonials for TeleHealth Interactive Systems

Interactive System Testimonials


“As we continued working to upgrade our facility technology services, we also wanted to improve the overall patient experience by collaborating with a sophisticated, interactive patient education system provider. We chose TeleHealth Services because it offered an enterprise platform that could be deployed immediately across our existing infrastructure, while providing an integrated end-to-end solution for future services and system expansion.”

– Barbara Marsh, RN, BSN, MHS, CPAN, a Nursing Education Specialist at Mission Hospital (Asheville, NC)


“Our interactive patient engagement is one technology that uniquely positions UAMS to extend our health education resources. We’ll get there by enabling direct patient interaction and providing proven tools needed to fulfill Stage 2 criteria, while enhancing the patient experience across the care continuum."

– Jerry Garland, Director of EMR Services at University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) (Little Rock, AR)


“Our nurses love it. The more times something is explained from different perspectives, the more each patient picks up. Once they leave the hospital, they should better understand their post-care requirements and demands, improving the chances of reducing readmissions.”

– Vandora Holt, MSN, BSN, BA, RN, Director of Education at Nash Healthcare Systems (Rocky Mount, NC)



“Learning this system is quick. It takes five minutes for staff and patients, and is well worth the time investment because the videos are often more effective than a verbal explanation. Patients and family members watch them as often as they like, ask our nurses questions, get hands-on practice and are able to seek additional direction if they need it. With this system, we’re increasing the likelihood of their success once they go home.”

– Diane Bilotta, MSN, RN, PhD candidate, Education Coordinator at Franciscan Health System (FHS) (Tacoma, Washington)


“Patients respond to these videos and to the related discussion with their hospital caregiver. The families can watch and also ask questions. With these tools, we can better educate our patients and empower them in the recovery process. That improves their quality of life and reduces the likelihood they’ll end up back in the hospital.”

– Anita Heyman, Administrative Director, Medical-Surgical/Cardiac Departments at Borgess Medical Center (Kalamazoo Township, MI)


“With Tigr, patients’ unique educa­tional needs can be filled quickly and si­multaneously. Tigr gives us the ability to customize education to the needs, cultures and languages of our patients. Patient education and engagement are critical components to delivering highly personalized care, and TeleHealth Services has been our partner in this dynamic transformation, every step of the way.”

– Robert Reber, Audio/Visual Engineer at Kaiser Panorama City Hospital (Panorama City, CA)


“Our nurses are invaluable resources, and TeleHealth’s Tigr on-demand interactive patient engagement solution allows them to spend more time providing care at the patient’s bedside. We look forward to our continued collaboration, working together to improve patient care, patient satisfaction, and workflow efficiencies.”

– Beth Nault, Corporate Director of Training and Development at Piedmont Healthcare (Atlanta, GA)



“The patient experience has been the No. 1 initiative of our hospital for many years. TeleHealth’s Tigr family of interactive education and entertainment systems will help enhance the patient-centered experience we are providing at our facility. We strongly believe that providing on-demand education sessions will result in safer and more efficient care by increasing the number of teachable moments. By providing patient education at the opportune moment, the system’s integration can lead to improved patient satisfaction, enhanced outcomes and clinical workflow efficiencies. We see TeleHealth, with their rich history in providing turnkey solutions to enrich the patient setting, as the industry leader when it comes to interactive patient education, giving them unique insight into our initiatives and making them a true partner in our success.”

– Michelle Niedens, Director of Education Programs at Stormont-Vail Healthcare (Topeka, KS)


“We take pride in the state-of-the-art technology and comprehensive medical services at Central Baptist Hospital. TeleHealth’s Tigr system enhances our services by providing a comprehensive, easy-to-use solution for our staff that is designed to educate patients and enhance productivity. The patient-centric content, executing on evidence-based practice and the principles of promoting health literacy, helps the clinical staff support our quality care goals.”

– David Saier, Media Specialist at Central Baptist Hospital (Lexington, KY)


“Our organization is continuously committed to investing in the skills, tools, and technologies that will help us continue to improve the patient experience and to ensure we provide world-class healthcare to our community. Because of our longstanding relationship with TeleHealth, we were able to collaborate on a solution that could not only meet our patient education needs, but also empower the patient to play a larger role in the recovery process.”

– Frances Moore, Manager for Education and Organization at St. Vincent’s Healthcare (Jacksonville, FL)


“The key factors that drove the upgrades to the new Tigr V7 were its additional functionality and how it related to our reimbursement efforts, and their leadership in clinical integration. The interactive patient education system will help engage patients and their families more fully in their recovery process while simultaneously decreasing readmission rates through more enhanced patient education. In enabling us to more efficiently meet their clinical needs and provide optimal patient care, TeleHealth Services has been a true corporate partner to our hospital.”

– Beverley Winston, Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer at Desoto Memorial Hospital (Arcadia, FL)


“The concept of patient-centered health care is a core focus for our facility. Increasingly, patients expect hospitals and staff to be responsive to their needs and preferences, to provide them with access to condition-specific information, and to treat them as partners in their care decisions. The Tigr interactive patient education system is very user-friendly and will empower our patients to be more directly involved in their own healthcare through more accurate, condition-specific health education resulting in higher quality care that’s more coordinated, safer, timelier, and more effective."

– Ron Winger, President and CEO at the Heart Hospital of New Mexico (Albuquerque, NM)


“Tigr is an effective means to deliver consistent patient education and give patients and their families an active role in their recovery. Our cardiac videos are some of the most popular and widely prescribed content, and Tigr has been an integral technology in our efforts to reduce cardiac readmission rates.”

– Nancy Edwards, Patient and Community Education Coordinator at Underwood-Memorial Hospital (Woodbury, NJ)


“It is our strategy to use technology to improve patient care and assist employees. We are encouraged by the possibilities that are now available with the TIGR system. Providing Timpanogos with this innovative technology will benefit the facility and enhance family and patient education. In addition to providing education, a patient can access our C.A.R.E. Channel, which contains beautiful images and music to help with relaxation and pain management.”

– Sandy Ewell, Chief Clinical Officer at Timpanogos Regional Hospital (Orem, UT)