Improve Patient Engagement Across the Continuum of Care

Supporting, guiding and engaging patients before, during and after their hospital stay is now a “must” for healthcare providers. With SmarTigr and Tigr@Home hospitals can more easily involve patients directly in their health and recovery at every step of the care continuum. 

Tigr@Home creates meaningful engagement from pre-admission to post-discharge

By digitally connecting to patients (through mobile or home-based devices), Tigr@Home drives more meaningful use of patient EMRs. Condition-specific content that is prescribed through SmarTigr and automatically documented in the medical record can also be readily accessed using the patient portal. Tigr@Home also helps hospitals expand their patient engagement efforts whereby:

  • Relevant communications sent to the patient at critical pre-admit and post-discharge stages help set expectations while easing typical patient anxieties
  • Obtaining critical information and personalized patient education throughout the recovery process via email, web, text and/or the patient portal minimizes unnecessary phone calls and visits to providers
  • Patient-provider relationships are further reinforced, improving satisfaction and sustaining patient loyalty

This extension of the SmarTigr interactive solution provides patients with the knowledge, skills, confidence and inclination to assume responsibility for managing one’s health and health care needs (often referred to as “patient activation”). Research suggests that patients with high activation levels have a reduced likelihood of being re-admitted within 30 days of hospital discharge.1

Tigr@Home helps hospitals create a new standard in quality and care where patients are more empowered, more satisfied and better health outcomes are realized.

 “We initially adopted the Tigr@Home application to extend education to patients before and after hospitalization. I appreciate the Tigr@HOME feature that gives us the ability to converse with patients and answer their questions and comments triggered by our message campaigns and that they can be discussed securely right within the application.”
 Nurse Manager of Lactation Services for a Northeastern academic medical center


1 Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (www.ahrq.gov/news/newsletters/research-activities/14mar/0314RA4.html)