Improve patient engagement with TeleHealth Services

Patient Engagement

Empowering Patients Throughout the Recovery Continuum
  • To-Do List
    Enables patients to review, participate, and track their patient-specific education plan on-demand and directly at the bedside
  • StaffConnect Dashboard
    Provides real-time monitoring of education plan compliance and service recovery requests
  • Relaxation Programming
    Reduces patient stress levels, enhances restfulness, and supports pain management modalities
  • Interactive Patient Whiteboard
    Displays patient-specific information including daily goals, medications, care staff, and other data from hospital information systems to keep patients informed and engaged in their recovery

TeleHealth Services’ family of interactive patient engagement solutions help patients and hospitals realize better outcomes through integrated patient education programs, on-demand hospital information, timely comprehension assessments, compliance tracking metrics, and so much more. Patients who are armed with the education and tools they need to better care for themselves and sustain wellness are more likely to lead a healthier life and avoid costly readmissions. These engaged patients are actively participating in their patient education, care plan management, and decision making throughout the recovery process. Our approach to interactive patient care is to partner with our client hospitals to best utilize their Tigr solution to achieve their patient education and engagement goals. Contact TeleHealth Services to find out how we can help your hospital increase patient engagement and improve outcomes.

“SmarTigr’s To-Do List provides patient-specific education and information at the touch of a button.”

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