Improve your patient experience

Patient Experience

  • Hospital HDTV
    Keep patients satisfied and comfortable with a home-like entertainment experience that patients demand and appreciate 
  • Hospital IPTV
    Future-proof your television system over the most widely deployed network technology in the world to take advantage of operational efficiencies
  • Quality Patient Education
    On-demand, patient-specific education engages patients and caregivers at the optimal teachable moment
  • Service Recovery Applications and Patient Surveys
    Allow patients and family to provide real-time feedback to address concerns and benchmark your quality initiatives to improve the patient experience

Patients and visitors spend a considerable amount of time watching TV in patient rooms, waiting rooms, cafeterias, rehab centers, and other areas of your hospital. There is real value in making sure that experience is in-line with their expectations and not a dissatisfier.

At TeleHealth Services, our hospital television solutions are designed with your patients and visitors in mind. State-of-the-art, healthcare-grade HDTVs from leading brands such as LG and Samsung provide your patients and their families with a truly “at-home” entertainment experience, while services like digital headend installation and IPTV system integration work behind the scenes to support the high-quality picture and diverse patient programming delivered over your facility’s televisions. Altogether, these solutions make it simple to keep patients entertained and engaged.

"IPTV provides a more home-like viewing experience with expanded options, and streamlines television system maintenance for hospitals."

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TeleHealth Services’ interactive patient engagement solutions bring an unprecedented range of services and control to the patient’s fingertips both inside and beyond their hospital room. Our SmarTigr and Tigr AP solutions were architected with key design and usability best practices to create unique patient experiences for varying patient populations. These unique experiences address the distinct challenges of different patient demographics and activation levels to create a truly patient-centered hospital care environment and positively affect the patient experience.

Patients and their families are empowered in the care process through patient-specific education, relevant hospital information, and entertainment for improved patient satisfaction. Our Tigr solutions go beyond an "on-demand” network to create true interactive patient experiences that engages patients in their care and provides information that supports patient recovery. Patients can also submit feedback and make requests directly to their care team or other hospital staff to create highly efficient hospital workflows. Utilizing a tablet, hospital TV, or any networked device, our interactive systems enable hospitals the ability to promote active participation in the care process, leading to a better patient experience. 

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