Improve patient satisfaction with TeleHealth Services

Patient Satisfaction

Improving Patient Satisfaction
  • Quality Patient Education
    Help ease the stressors of being a patient in the hospital by providing your patient population with consistent, quality patient education so they can recover and stay well
  • Service Recovery Applications
    Patients can communicate in real-time with clinical and non-clinical staff to address service requests, enabling hospitals to decrease response times, expand clinical focus, and increase satisfaction scores
  • Patient Surveys
    Surveys provide hospitals the ability to address patient concerns before discharge, and provide quality metrics to benchmark service and satisfaction metrics
  • Hospital Information
    Patients and caregivers have convenient, on-demand access to important hospital information for a more satisfying hospital experience
  • HD Healthcare Televisions
    Set the bar for patient satisfaction and create the optimal in-room experience with stunning HD picture quality and reliability
  • HD Entertainment Programming 
    Reduce stress and satisfy patients with the at-home experience they expect through quality entertainment programming and superior picture quality

An expertly designed and implemented comprehensive hospital TV solution, from TeleHealth Services, keeps patients and family entertained and relaxed throughout the in-patient stay, as well as impacts the overall perception of your facility and the patient experience.

TeleHealth Services’ industry-leading television solutions provide the best patient facing technologies such as HD televisions with superior picture quality, desirable HD patient programming, and direct-access pillow speakers. Behind the scenes, our innovative television solutions work to deliver and maintain this experience for your patients while providing operational efficiencies and ROI for your facility. 

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Higher patient satisfaction means higher HCAHPS scores, which translates to greater reimbursements at your healthcare facility. TeleHealth’s interactive patient care solutions are designed with patient satisfaction in mind, focusing on providing better communications, on-demand condition-specific education, patient surveys, and automated service recovery, our interactive solutions can be a powerful technology partner to ensure patients are satisfied during their in-patient stay.

“Hospitals can proactively address patient concerns and gain valuable feedback from SmarTigr and TigrAP’s survey functionality.”

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