Systems Integration

  • ADT/ EMR Interface
    Documents patient education session into the patient’s medical record, or automate new education delivery to streamline nursing workflows 
  • Interactive Patient Whiteboard
    Provides a real-time display for information on a patient’s care team, medications, pain assessment, procedure schedule, and other care plan information
  • Medication/Pharmacy Interface
    Automates delivery of prescription medication education, and drives additional revenue and discharge efficiencies for hospitals with a retail pharmacy
  • Dietary Interface
    Provides patients access to compliant menus with the ability to order their own meals, information and education about nutrition and healthy eating, and caregiver meal ordering

The drive toward integrated technology is transforming healthcare. Adopting health information technology (HIT) across care settings provides hospitals visible staff efficiency, quality and safety improvements, coordination and efficiency of care benefits, and patient engagement. TeleHealth’s interactive patient engagement platforms go beyond the standard patient care model by automating and simplifying clinician workflows through order integrations, rule-based actions, and unifying diverse health technology systems around the patient experience. In utilizing the interoperability of these systems, SmarTigr can:

  • document the patient education session within the patient’s record for Joint Commission compliance,
  • automate clinical functions to provide enhanced nursing focus,
  • provide patient-specific care plan and hospital information to better inform patients and caregivers,
  • educate patients on medications, procedures, and long-term wellness for increased HCAHPS scores and decreased readmissions,
  • drive further operational efficiencies and revenue generating opportunities for fiscal well-being.

These enhanced customization capabilities of TeleHealth’s interactive patient education systems help hospitals take the efficacy and value of your health information systems a step further. Contact us today to learn more about our custom integrations and how they may be able to help shape the value of an interactive system for your hospital today.

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