SteadyMD Review

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Published: March 26, 2021


With more telehealth options on the market than ever before, people across the country are finally able to get quality health care from the comfort of their homes. SteadyMD is a prime example of a trustworthy telehealth company that connects patients to doctors who can help them when they need it the most.


Through a comprehensive screening process, SteadyMD's doctors get to know their patients, offer meaningful consultations, provide prescription medications, and find proactive solutions to keep you healthy for the long term. What makes SteadyMD different from other telehealth options is its commitment to 24/7 doctor access and treatment that's tailored to the patient's needs.


Our review: SteadyMD prides itself on providing meaningful relationships with doctors through a simple membership process.

What You Should Know About SteadyMD

Best features

  • Connect with doctors via text, call, or video chat
  • Quality care tailored to patient needs
  • Can prescribe medication
  • Connect with diet and exercise data from other apps


  • Annual membership required
  • Membership fees not covered by insurance

How Does SteadyMD Work?

SteadyMD is easy to get started with and even easier to use long-term. After filling out a simple questionnaire, you’ll be put in touch with one of the licensed physicians on the platform. After your first visit, you can schedule an appointment with this doctor through the website and app for many of the same conditions a regular doctor would cover, including fevers, skin conditions, and flu. You can even get prescriptions written. While insurance won’t cover your monthly membership fee, visits are always free.

How do you use SteadyMD?

The great thing about SteadyMD is the variety of ways it allows you to browse its options, connect with doctors, and get your questions answered. The mobile app is a good place to start, or you can visit your website, where you can take time to review everything the service has to offer and register for an account. Once you have a SteadyMD doctor, you can connect via text, phone, or video chat for one-on-one consultations.

How much does SteadyMD cost?

Appointment type Price
Individual Plan $99 per month
Family Plan $178 per month

Does insurance cover SteadyMD?

Since SteadyMD is a membership-based service, it isn’t covered by any form of health insurance. This also means individual visits don’t require a copay, making it a good option for those who see their doctor regularly. The membership structure allows doctors to develop more meaningful, in-depth doctor-patient relationships.

What does SteadyMD treat?

SteadyMD works differently than other telehealth apps. Rather than starting out by setting an appointment for a specific condition, you fill out a questionnaire that your doctor will review alongside your medical history, family history, and other relevant factors. Once you’re meeting with a SteadyMD doctor, you can get treatment for many of the same conditions as you would from your primary care physician. Doctors on the platform can even consult with SteadyMD’s team of neurologists, dermatologists, and cardiologists for help on specific conditions.

While there is a wide range of medical conditions that can be treated through SteadyMD, you will be referred to a local specialist for more serious concerns.

Can SteadyMD write prescriptions?

After your SteadyMD doctor has reviewed your medical history and met with you via video call, they may prescribe medication. These doctors cannot prescribe narcotics, opioids, or other controlled substances, although they can refer you to a doctor who can. All prescribed medications are sent directly to your local pharmacy for you to pick up at your leisure.

When can you get a SteadyMD appointment?

You can set an appointment with your SteadyMD doctor for any hour of the day, and if your doctor isn’t available, you can switch to another doctor. It takes between one to two days to schedule your first appointment. After that, all appointments are scheduled on the same day, usually within a few hours or minutes. A membership gives you unlimited doctor visits per month, up to one hour in length.

Can you pick a SteadyMD doctor?

A doctor is assigned to you based on the information you provide during the screening questionnaire. If you want to switch to another doctor at any time in the process, SteadyMD allows you to do so. All of the doctors available through the service are board-licensed physicians and were chosen for their focus on building positive long-term relationships with their patients.

How can you get SteadyMD support?

SteadyMD support is available via phone, email, or the messaging system on the website and app. There is an in-depth FAQ section on the website where common customer questions and concerns are addressed.

What Customers Say About SteadyMD

Good reviews about SteadyMD

“This was hands down the best experience I have ever had with a medical professional. Dr. Seth Larsen spent more time with me than probably my last 10 doctor visits combined.”

“I love this service. I really appreciated Dr. Hodge’s concern for me. He really listened and was very knowledgeable and helpful.”

“My Doctor and his wonderful staff really care about me and what I’m working on. I only wish I had started utilizing this service sooner.”

Bad reviews about SteadyMD

“This was the worst experience I have ever had with a medical app or even office. Certainly not “concierge medicine” as advertised. When you try to get in touch with customer service, it takes days to get a response.”

“When I first read about SteadyMD, I was very excited so I sent them a couple of questions and they wrote back and said my case was too complex with too many chronic illnesses.”

“Sounded like a good service, but turned out to be a huge waste of money. Hard to get in touch with anyone. Appointments were rarely available. Forced into a one-year obligation.”

Bottom Line

Some of SteadyMD’s best features are its simple pricing structure and its flexibility with scheduling appointments. For $99, you can get access to a licensed physician, complete with unlimited hour-long sessions when needed. Rather than choosing from a variety of plans or getting lost in countless consultation fees for different medical conditions, SteadyMD keeps things simple while offering quality and trustworthy medical care. This makes it an excellent choice for those who are trying telehealth apps for the first time.

SteadyMD’s greatest selling point is also its biggest weakness, depending on your perspective. Those who don’t want to commit to a year-long membership might do better to look elsewhere. The membership commitment comes with a number of perks like personalized attention, quick scheduling, and unlimited access. Ultimately, if you’re looking for a long-term relationship with a doctor who really understands your needs, this service could be the perfect option for you.