Samsung Smart TV

 Samsung Smart TV for Healthcare

Now you can connect the most watched space in the patient room to the healthcare system's critical IT engagement and meaningful use initiatives.

The Samsung Smart TV for Healthcare is the latest and most competitive line of televisions in the industry. Healthcare facilities are now able to utilize their televisions to help increase HCAHP scores and other regulations, giving exceptional patient experience.

Why invest in Samsung Smart TVs for Healthcare?

  • Smart TVs cost around the same as regular televisions!
  • Industry best maintenance statistics - no wires and no firmware upgrades needed!
  • Interoperability - integrates future interactive systems the way you want!
  • Integrates easily with current interactive platforms!

Three main values of investing in Smart TVs for Healthcare

  •  WIFI  
    • Patients can initiate communications with Interactive Systems without requiring data cable to their room
    • Providers can control Interactive System displays and content on the in-room Smart TV using the hospital's wireless network
    • Patients can access website, including the hospital's patient portal, over the Smart TV
    • ​Smart TV is an open platform providing a high density, always available display device for delivering critical information to patients and staff
    • Supports TeleHealth's SmarTigr middleware solution, enabling semantic interoperability with hospital clinical IT systems
    • Compatible with Samsung Smart TV Application Development Framework for building custom solutions
  • IPTV 
    • ​Samsung Smart TVs natively support IPTV broadcasts, eliminating the need for additional set-top boxes and hardware
    • Providers can centrally manage the television system, and change menus and channel line ups remotely 
    • Hospitals can utilize the platform for custom messaging and streaming capabilities for messaging


Contact your area’s TV solutions executive to help you select the Samsung Healthcare Smart TV that best fits your needs.