28" Healthcare-grade TVs

28” Samsung Healthcare LED TVs

Model: HG28NC673AF

Samsung Hospital Televisions Provide a Powerful Portal for Delivering Patient Entertainment, Education & Engagement Content in High-Definition

With decades of combined healthcare experience, Samsung and TeleHealth Services have partnered to develop the latest in hospital television technology to give patients and their caregivers an exceptional viewing experience. Our quality line of Samsung healthcare-grade televisions include interchangeable direct access pillow speaker interfaces and provide an essential foundation for TeleHealth’s advanced interactive patient engagement solutions.

Facility managers will benefit from the convenience of set-up via USB cloning and easy-to-access side-mounted USB ports, as well as TeleHealth’s on-site warranty programs. Samsung healthcare televisions include Pro:Idiom® decoding, allowing hospitals to provide patients with an extensive lineup of high-definition channels.

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Patient Features & Benefits

  • Widescreen, high-definition displays provide engaging, satisfying viewing
  • Display adjusts for the best viewing in any room lighting conditions
  • Instantaneous response to channel change pushes direct access to any channel
  • Side-mounted USB and HDMI ports for patient-supplied photos, games or movies
  • Sleep timer to turn off TV when patient is sleeping

Facility Management Features & Benefits

  • One-screen set-up menu for all options
  • USB cloning through side ports on TV
  • Channel-mapping allows you to maintain a clean lineup for patients while taking full advantage of efficiencies available with digital signal technologies
  • Energy consumption is 50% less than LCDs and less than 20% of analog sets
  • Two-year on-site service warranty (extended warranties also available)
  • Smallest bezels allow maximum screen size, even in tight spaces
  • Selectable default ON channel
  • Pro:Idiom® decryption built into the TV makes it easy to deliver all satellite and cable channels with the industry’s standard Digital Rights Management technology
  • Remote management of channel lineups and software updates available with REACH

Contact your area’s TV solutions executive to help you select the health-grade TV that best fits your needs.

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