Patient Outcomes

The elements of interactive patient care (patient education, patient engagement, patient satisfaction, clinical workflows, interoperability) work together to enhance patient outcomes throughout the continuum of care.

Patient Satisfaction

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TeleHealth’s Tigr suite of interactive solutions enables hospitals to achieve their patient satisfaction goals with advance capabilities to keep patients, family, and staff happy.

Clinical Workflow

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TeleHealth's interactive patient care solutions automate clinical processes of care to streamline hospital workflows and enhance patient care.


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Systems integration and interoperability drive enhanced value and ROI from interactive patient engagement systems with process automation, documentation, service workflows, and much more.

Patient Engagement

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TeleHealth's interactive patient education solutions drive patient engagement by providing patients and families with timely care information throughout the continuum of care.

Patient Education

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TeleHealth's family of interactive patient education solutions allows hospitals to achieve their patient education and engagement goals with advanced functionalities for improved patient outcomes and hospital performance.

Interactive Solutions

Interactive Patient Engagement Solutions

With more than 450 hospitals using our interactive patient education systems, TeleHealth Services leads the way in interactive patient education and engagement. TeleHealth's new iCare Navigator and our Tigr family of interactive patient education solutions —SmarTigrTigr, and TRMS — help hospitals:

TeleHealth delivers the most comprehensive patient education and engagement solutions, with scalable systems that are reliable, economical, and IT friendly. Our solutions help hospitals deliver patient education and content that is cost-effective, consistent, condition-specific, and hospital-approved — to patients and families, anytime and anywhere.

In addition to system implementation and account administration, the TeleHealth team also provides custom integrations, working in coordination with your staff to achieve seamless interoperability between new and existing technology systems. TeleHealth offers the best value solutions for a customized and intuitive patient experience.

Scalable Solutions with Measurable Results

Each turnkey interactive solution has been specifically developed to support TeleHealth’s total product platform, aiding hospitals and health systems in exceeding patient education and engagement needs, while giving your facility the flexibility to deploy different systems in different areas of the hospital. This industry-exclusive scalability allows hospitals to deploy according to their plan of action, as well as provide for future expansion.

Additionally, TeleHealth Services is uniquely suited to support your internal resources through comprehensive service and support, including account management and multiple financing options, to ensure your hospital or health system will recognize the value in TeleHealth’s patient education solutions. TeleHealth Services is also the only provider of total healthcare televisions system solutions, from hospital-grade televisions to programming, distribution, installation, and service.    

Learn which of our Tigr suite of solutions is right for your hospital:

Let us show you how our interactive solutions can positively impact patient outcomes and quality performance metrics at your hospital. Contact us today to learn more about our interactive patient education and engagement solutions.

iTigr Video Demo from TeleHealth Services on Vimeo.

Based in Raleigh, NC, TeleHealth Services is changing the face of patient education and engagement through our interactive patient care solutions. We specialize in comprehensive in-room patient experience solutions, serving healthcare facilities all across the United States.