Doctor on Demand Review

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Published: March 12, 2021


As patients across the country continue to seek more convenient and accessible health care options, telehealth companies answer their needs with unique health care options. Doctor on Demand is one of these companies, with a range of personalized care options that give you 24-hour a day access to doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, and therapists.


Doctor on Demand’s easy-to-use website and simple pricing structure allow anybody to take advantage of its services. By letting you connect directly with licensed caregivers through your phone, Doctor on Demand takes the hassle out of in-person office visits and makes it easier than ever to stay healthy.


Our review: Doctor on Demand offers easy access to urgent care, behavioral health, preventative health, and chronic care services at an affordable price.

What You Should Know About Doctor on Demand

Best features

  • Robust selection of physical and mental health services
  • User-friendly website
  • Simple pricing structure
  • Available via app


  • High fees compared to other services
  • Doesn’t treat certain conditions
  • Can’t prescribe all medications

How Does Doctor on Demand Work?

Doctor on Demand is designed to streamline access to physical and mental health care through their mobile app and website. Its core service is consultations with doctors, psychiatrists, and psychologists, starting at $75 per visit, to cover a range of conditions, including asthma, depression, allergies, diabetes, and more. After your consultation, you can also receive prescription medication to help treat these conditions. Its services are covered by most standard insurance plans, as well as Medicare Part B.

How do you use Doctor on Demand?

Doctor on Demand stays accessible to patients by being available in many different ways. Its website is the first option, where you can register an account, browse its list of services, or set an appointment with a health care provider. Services are also available via the app, which offers the same functionality as the website. Doctor visits take place right on your phone or computer.

How much does Doctor on Demand cost?

Appointment type Price
Medical care $75 for 15-minute consultation
Psychiatrist $299 for 45-minute consultation
Psychologist $179 for 50-minute consultation

Does insurance cover Doctor on Demand?

Doctor on Demand accepts a variety of insurance plans. To find out of your plan is accepted, begin the registration process and include your insurance information when asked. You should receive an instant answer saying whether or not you’re covered. You can also add Medicare insurance to your account. If you have Medicare Part B, a portion of your Doctor on Demand fees may be covered.

What does Doctor on Demand treat?

Doctor on Demand’s services fall under the following categories, urgent care, behavioral health, preventative health, and chronic care. Within these broad categories, you can access care for medical conditions, ranging from short-term ailments like coughs, fever, and sore throats to more chronic problems such as diabetes, anxiety, and vitamin deficiencies.

While the list of conditions is quite broad, the service’s website does list a number of conditions that can’t be treated. These include more severe problems, such as broken bones, serious burns, and ear infections.

Can Doctor on Demand write prescriptions?

Doctor on Demand providers can write prescriptions to treat a variety of medical conditions. These are sent to your local pharmacy, where they can be picked up in a few hours or days. Providers can also help with common medication management issues, such as dose changes, medication interactions, and safe use of generic prescriptions. However, providers can’t write prescriptions for habit-forming drugs or controlled substances.

When can you get a Doctor on Demand appointment?

Registering for a Doctor on Demand account is simple and only takes a few minutes. After your account is approved, you can immediately schedule an appointment with a physician, psychiatrist, or psychologist. If you’re in the United States, you can expect to have an appointment within one to four days. For those outside the United States, it may take a bit longer. Appointments can be scheduled 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Can you pick a Doctor on Demand doctor?

Doctor on Demand gives you the option of choosing your therapist from a list of professionals in your area. On the website or app, you can browse therapist biographies to help narrow down your search and choose to work with the same therapist over a long period of time. For medical doctors, a board-certified clinician is selected for you based on availability.

All of Doctor on Demand’s medical professionals are hired based on their professional credentials, and only certified doctors, psychiatrists, and psychologists are chosen.

How can you get Doctor on Demand support?

Doctor on Demand’s support team is available via phone, email, or the service’s in-app messaging system, allowing you to get the help you need quickly and easily. The platform also has an in-depth FAQ section, which addresses a range of common questions and concerns.

What Customers Say About Doctor on Demand

Good reviews about Doctor on Demand

“Doctor on Demand customer service was receptive, easy to get in touch with, empathetic and patient. I can not recommend this app and service enough to friends and family.”

“If I had known that I would find a doctor that truly cared a long time ago, I would have chosen doctors on demand. Thanks again for caring about my health Dr. Alba!”

“It took me maybe 10 minutes to set up my account and enter my health information and within 3 minutes of submitting my request to see a doctor, I was speaking with Dr. Oh.”

Bad reviews about Doctor on Demand

“ I feel cheated because I had bad in-app experience and paid to see a doctor that wasn’t able to keep her promise to get me the medicine I needed.”

“When I used it last week I was given a doctor who felt off right from the beginning: terrible bedside manner, and flat out told me my medical history was wrong.”

“After several positive sessions with one psychiatrist on staff who was treating my youngest, she simply stopped showing up to appointments.”

Bottom Line

Overall, Doctor on Demand provides quality medical care in a simple and convenient package. While treating a wide range of common conditions, the service keeps the many care options organized in a way that’s easy for a first-time user to navigate. Appointments can be set up with one click and usually scheduled within a few days and sometimes in as little as an hour. It’s a service that’s well worth the cost, especially for those who need medical attention at home.

On the downside, consultation fees as high as $299 may turn away potential users looking for a cheaper alternative. However, Doctor on Demand helps offset this cost by accepting a broad selection of major insurance plans. Checking to see if you’re covered simply involves filling in your insurance information.