JustAnswer Review

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Published: March 26, 2021


Telehealth has exploded in the past few years. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, telehealth options were beginning to crop up in increasing numbers, and post-2020, almost all patients have at least some options for video, phone, or chat health care.


JustAnswer is one of the many options on the market today, though it's not your standard telehealth care provider. It's a service that provides experts of all types. Members can reach out with questions any time of day and get feedback from a licensed professional. That can mean great peace of mind when you're worried about something like medication interactions or if the new pain in your leg is a reason for concern.


Our review: JustAnswer lets you access experts from across various industries for convenient access to answers. The service can save you unnecessary runs to the emergency room or let you know if medical attention may be warranted.

What You Should Know About JustAnswer

Best features

  • Access to medical professionals 24 hours a day
  • Get a response in minutes
  • Clear monthly fees for basic expert advice service
  • Specialist matching for quality results


  • Additional fees for premium services
  • Monthly fee whether you use service or not
  • Expert advice isn’t treatment

How Does JustAnswer Work?

JustAnswer is a service that provides expert answers. You can use the service on a computer or mobile device, but you do need an account. Memberships cost $74 per month but ensure you have 24/7, unlimited access to experts in a wide range of industries. You may also be able to sign up for a free trial to test the service, but know that the monthly subscription is charged automatically once the free trial is over.  

How do you use JustAnswer?

You can use JustAnswer on a desktop computer or mobile device. It’s accessible at JustAsnwer.com on a computer and via the JustAnswer app on most mobile devices. If you want to access premium services, you may need to connect with JustAnswer in a way that aligns with that service. For example, some services are performed via a phone call.

You do need to create an account to use JustAnswer. These services are not available to the public for free.

How much does JustAnswer cost?

This is a subscription-based service that costs $74 per month for unlimited access to expert answers. Premium services, such as document preparation, phone consults, or virtual technical repairs, all come with additional fees. Those fees are disclosed when you receive a premium service offer, which you’re free to accept or decline. Payment is typically made with a credit card or other payment method you’ve already set up on your account.

Does insurance cover JustAnswer?

No, insurance doesn’t cover this service because the medical experts here are not providing treatment. They are simply consulting and answering questions. This means there is not a code to bill your insurance company. However, you may be able to save money by asking for a medical expert to consult on your question before you schedule an appointment for treatment with a provider.

What does JustAnswer treat?

JustAnswer doesn’t provide traditional treatment for any conditions. Instead, it works to provide expert answers for peace of mind or to keep you from seeking unnecessary treatment. For example, you could connect with a health care expert via JustAnswer to find out if a symptom you’re experiencing is normal or worrisome, what the side effects of certain medications might be, or whether you can enjoy a glass of wine safely with your current prescription.  

Can JustAnswer write prescriptions?

No, the doctors are not providing specific treatment, and it is not a full-fledged telemedicine site. The experts here answer your questions about various medical or health topics. If one of the experts thinks your question or need warrants treatment or a prescription, they will typically advise you to seek medical assistance.

When can you get a JustAnswer appointment?

You don’t need an appointment. You can log into your account anytime, complete a few questions, and be connected with an expert in the right niche within minutes. This is true no matter what day or time it is.

Can you pick a JustAnswer doctor?

No, you can’t choose a doctor. You provide some preliminary information, and the system or an online representative connects you with the expert on call who best matches your need. For medical questions, experts are typically available in a wide range of niches, such as pediatrics, cardiology, oncology, women’s health, and other specialties.

How can you get JustAnswer support?

JustAnswer provides a number of online support options, including FAQs and a help center. You can also contact them via a contact form or click for support within the app or your account.

What Customers Say About JustAnswer

Good reviews about JustAnswer

“Money well spent for phone conversation. I was given valuable info, advice and encouragement. My boy is fine now. Thank you so much. You folks are the best. I will be using your site again.”

“Honestly it blew my mind at the amount of knowledge that was at my fingertips instantly as soon as I made first connection.”

“The doctors are good and considerate. They have relieved my worry for 2 weeks of my skin itching which I thought as some invaded things causing the problem. One specialist even asked me to submit the photos of my skin, for his accurate diagnosis.”

Bad reviews about JustAnswer

“Didn’t help me at all. It was a total waste of $5. My questions weren’t answered and I did not get the help I needed.”

“I was also under the impression that I was signed up for a free trial. When actually the free trial becomes a full time membership automatically in 7 days.”

“I asked a question and received no response (though they promoted a response in minutes).”

Bottom Line

JustAnswer is not a telemedicine service, but it might be an option for people who have a lot of questions they’d like expert answers on. You pay one monthly fee and get unlimited access to experts, so if you’re someone who lies awake wondering if the medication you’re on is causing a side effect or if the pain in your arm needs to be looked at, this service could provide peace of mind.

You can also consult with experts in a variety of other industries with your membership. The experts include doctors, vets, lawyers, electronics techs, mechanics, computer techs, plumbers, electricians, tax accountants, and many others. However, this is not a service that provides actual treatment, and you typically will not be able to get someone with JustAnswer to write you a prescription to help with a medical problem.