Roman Review

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Published: March 12, 2021


In March 2020, the health care industry saw a 154% increase in telehealth visits over the same period the year before. And while that huge jump was due in part to COVID-19 and shutdowns, reliance on telemedicine has continued heavily since that time – and for the foreseeable future.


Even before the pandemic, many people were turning to telehealth for convenient treatment options or to see a professional for issues that they might be hesitant to bring up in a regular doctor visit. Roman, a digital health clinic for men, provides just such services, including treatment for erectile dysfunction, hair loss, and testosterone issues.


Our review: Roman uses U.S.-licensed health care professionals and has a licensed pharmacy to dispense medications. However, it's not available in every state and only treats specific conditions.

What You Should Know About Roman

Best features

  • U.S.-licensed providers
  • Free follow-ups
  • Status update on treatment or prescription in 24 hours
  • Free two-day shipping for members


  • Membership structure can be confusing
  • May feel pressured to use Roman pharmacy
  • Not available in certain states

How Does Roman Work?

Roman, with a website address of, offers digital health care services for men. It’s not a comprehensive provider but concentrates on certain conditions and needs. Some examples of conditions Roman provides treatment for include erectile dysfunction, men’s hair loss, specific skin issues, dandruff and excessive sweating. 

You consult with doctors via your Roman account on your phone or computer.

Insurance does not cover these services, though the cost of consulting a doctor is only $15. You also pay for any medications that are sent to you if you use the Roman pharmacy. You can get a prescription from Roman and fill it with the company or have them send the prescription to your pharmacy — as long as your pharmacy accepts e-prescriptions.  

How do you use Roman?

You can use Roman on your desktop computer or phone. Once you’re ready to consult with a doctor or nurse practitioner, you can do so via phone, messaging or video chatting. If you want to get prescriptions straight from Roman, it has an internal pharmacy and can ship medications in around two days. Otherwise, doctors can send an e-prescription to a pharmacy of your choice.

How much does Roman cost?

It costs $15 for an online consult, and Roman members get free access to unlimited follow-ups. It appears Roman’s main business is its pharmacy, which offers transparent pricing on prescriptions and free two-day shipping. Some examples of the pharmacy prices are included below.

Prescription Type Price
60mg Sildenafil $6
50mg generic Viagra $34
50mg branded Viagra $70

Does insurance cover Roman?

No, insurance does not cover services and treatments through Roman. However, the company points out that its fee is less than most copays, and this is generally accurate.

What does Roman treat?

Roman provides treatment for a variety of men’s health care concerns. Conditions that Roman health care providers consult and provide prescriptions on are:

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Hair loss
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Cold sores
  • Genital herpes
  • Testosterone issues
  • Allergies
  • Men’s skin care
  • Eczema
  • Dandruff
  • Excessive sweating

Roman doesn’t provide treatment for all conditions. Health providers or assistants review your case and history with you to ensure you’re a good candidate for telemedicine and that your need fits into one of Roman’s treatment categories. If you’re not a good fit, you’re not charged. 

Can Roman write prescriptions?

Yes, Roman physicians can write prescriptions. The prescription can be filled by Roman or your own pharmacy as long as it’s part of the Surescripts Network and can receive e-prescriptions. 

When can you get a Roman appointment?

You can log on and initiate an appointment at any time. The medical professionals get back to you within 24 hours after consulting on your case to make a treatment recommendation or prescribe medication.

Can you pick a Roman doctor?

No, a doctor is assigned to you depending on what need you have and what state you’re in. To provide a prescription, the doctor has to be licensed to do so in your state.

How can you get Roman support?

Roman provides support Monday through Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. EST. You can call (424) 347-6299, email [email protected], visit the company’s social profiles or use the online contact form. You may also be able to access chat messaging in your account. You can also take advantage of unlimited, free follow-up appointments after consulting with and receiving treatment from a Roman physician initially. 

What Customers Say About Roman

Good reviews about Roman

“You have seriously helped me with something I never thought I would feel comfortable addressing.”

“Everyone has been great and super helpful, thank you for making this normally sensitive topic comfortable and providing the help and support I needed.”

“You have given me back a part of life I thought was just gone. For that I am sincerely grateful.”

Bad reviews about Roman

“It is unacceptable that it has taken me this much time to receive an itemized receipt from a healthcare company.”

“This company charged me for services and billed me twice for a product they did not even have.”

“I asked for a prescription for ED medicine and the Dr. provided it. A shipment of the prescription was sent to me and I was billed for it, but I never authorized the order or the dollar amount.”

Bottom Line

Roman is easy to use and access, and existing customers seem to like that they can get sensitive issues treated or consulted on with a high level of confidentiality. It’s also an option for men who want to discuss some problems they aren’t comfortable bringing up in face-to-face medical appointments

A 24-hour turnaround time on treatment and prescriptions, the ability to get competitively priced prescriptions shipped directly to you and published pricing, so you know what your costs may be, make Roman a popular option for some men. Prescriptions are shipped in discreet packaging, which may be important to many individuals who choose telemedicine because they’re dealing with sensitive concerns.

Roman services aren’t available in all locations. Physicians must be licensed to prescribe in each state, so the company only provides services in states where its physicians are licensed. Roman also doesn’t treat all conditions or every person who attempts to get treatment, but you don’t end up paying anything if it’s decided you’re not a good fit for Roman. However, if you do get services through Roman, you get the peace of mind of being able to follow up at no additional cost if you have questions or issues with your treatment.