LiveHealth Review

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Published: March 12, 2021


As a wider variety of telehealth options become available to a growing number of people, companies like LiveHealth are finding new ways to stand out. This service offers all the things a trustworthy health care provider should, including an affordable cost, a broad range of treated medical conditions, and the option to select the doctor of your choice. You can receive care at home via video chat, telephone, or the platform's mobile app.


Whether you're looking for a psychologist, psychiatrist, help with allergies, or are just trying to find relief for common conditions such as a sinus infection or the flu, this service can be a great place to seek help. How well LiveHealth meets your needs depends on several factors, so it's best to learn a bit about how it works.


Our review: LiveHealth brings affordable health care to you in the comfort of your own home with its simple and easy-to-use service and broad selection of medical professionals.

What You Should Know About LiveHealth

Best features

  • Low fees
  • Can select your own doctor
  • Accepts many major health insurance plans
  • Specialized allergy visits available


  • Customer service isn’t always efficient
  • Visits are relatively short
  • Can’t write long-term prescriptions

How Does LiveHealth Work?

LiveHealth is easy to use through its website or via its mobile app. You simply register to set up a free account, choose a doctor who can treat your condition, and wait to receive the care you need. There are no subscription fees, and each visit comes at a relatively low flat fee; $59 for medical visits, $80 for therapy, and $85 for psychologist consultations. Blue Cross Blue Shield plans cover all the fees.

The service specializes in treating the most common conditions, such as the flu, fevers, and minor rashes. Doctors can write short-term prescriptions to treat conditions and relieve symptoms.

How do you use LiveHealth?

The easiest way to access LiveHealth is through its mobile app, which can be downloaded for free and accessed anywhere there’s an internet connection. If you prefer to browse the available services on a computer, you can visit the LiveHealth website. Either way, you can choose a doctor, schedule an appointment, and learn more about the service through its user-friendly interface.

How much does LiveHealth cost?

Appointment type Price
Medical care $59
Therapist appointments $80
Psychologist consultations $95

Does insurance cover LiveHealth?

Video chat appointments through LiveHealth are covered by many Blue Cross Blue Shield plans. This may cover some or all your flat-fee costs for medical and behavioral health care. As long as your plan covers LiveHealth services, any doctor you see will be considered in-network. Unfortunately, LiveHealth doesn’t accept other insurance plans, although another insurance carrier may cover the cost of the prescription medication you obtain through the service.

What does LiveHealth treat?

LiveHealth is designed to treat the most common medical conditions affecting patients today. This includes the flu, minor rashes, tooth pain, sore throats, fevers, and skin infections. The service also has a specialized allergy program, which connects you with a doctor who offers the latest allergy treatments. For behavioral health, the company has a number of therapists, psychiatrists, and psychologists ready to meet for hour-long sessions.

Like most telehealth services, LiveHealth doesn’t treat serious or life-threatening medical conditions. In these cases, you may be referred to a local doctor for an in-person visit.

Can LiveHealth write prescriptions?

The doctors working with LiveHealth can write short-term prescriptions for the conditions they treat as well as provide refills on medications prescribed by other doctors. When treating a chronic condition, or seeking a new prescription for birth control pills, you’ll need to see an in-person doctor. When you do have a prescription written by a LiveHealth doctor, it’s electronically sent to your local pharmacy, where you can pick it up at your convenience.

When can you get a LiveHealth appointment?

One of the greatest benefits of LiveHealth is that it lets you schedule an appointment when you need it, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Using the app or website, you choose the service that fits your needs and select your doctor. The length of time it takes to get an appointment with a LiveHealth doctor can vary from a few minutes to several hours after you make the request. For medical services, appointments usually last 10-15 minutes, while therapy appointments are closer to 45 minutes in length.

Can you pick a LiveHealth doctor?

LiveHealth does allow you to choose your own doctor, although the length of time you wait before your appointment depends upon their availability. Each doctor has a profile and listed credentials, which you can review to help make your decision. All of the medical professionals available through the site are board-certified, so you know you can trust in their expertise. Additionally, LiveHealth selects its physicians and behavioral health providers for their experience with virtual care.

How can you get LiveHealth support?

LiveHealth’s support team is available 24/7 by phone or email to respond to questions or concerns you have about the service. You can also find answers to common questions in the website’s detailed FAQ section, which covers issues related to services and accounts.

What Customers Say About LiveHealth

Good reviews about LiveHealth

“We’re usually more satisfied with the care on there than our primary care doctor and we have avoided so many trips to the doctor that would have been a complete waste of time.”

“I expected a long wait time so I was pleasantly surprised with being seen right away. The doctor I saw was excellent. She listened to me and was extremely helpful. I would definitely use this service again for minor issues.”

“Had a severe earache. Saw a dr within 10 mins had a prescription within 10 more mins. Picked up 30 mins later. Couldn’t be happier! Plan on using this service for all easy-to-cure sicknesses.”

Bad reviews about LiveHealth

“She fussed at me instead of helping me. Doctors don’t seem to want to give you what you need especially when it’s been a problem and I know myself what I need!”

“I waited four hours for a call only to be canceled and three hours with customer service.”

“I paid $59 for a 3-minute phone conversation. They never bothered to send the prescription info to my pharmacy. I guess my bronchitis will have to get better on its own.”

Bottom Line

What LiveHealth does best is provide affordable and convenient health care without the hassle of an in-person office visit. Those who haven’t tried telehealth before may be surprised by the quality of care and range of services LiveHealth can provide, from everyday illnesses to more in-depth treatments for allergies and mental health. It’s simple for anyone to use and efficient enough that you can usually schedule an appointment within a few minutes.

While the service offers an excellent way to manage common illnesses, such as fevers and sinus infections, it’s best to keep in mind that LiveHealth is limited in the kinds of treatments it can provide. Serious or chronic medical conditions should be addressed during in-person doctor visits, and if you’re seeking birth control pills or other long-term prescriptions, the service can’t help. With this in mind, LiveHealth can provide a convenient and inexpensive way to stay on top of your everyday health concerns, especially if you’re a Blue Cross policyholder.