Rethink My Healthcare Review

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Published: February 19, 2021


The telehealth industry has extended the reach of medical professionals. By offering direct to consumer options for seeing a doctor and other health professionals, telehealth is tackling the challenge of affordable access to health care.


This kind of care has also become more popular during the COVID-19 pandemic. More and more telehealth sessions are covered by insurance. Some platforms let patients pay for service as it happens, while others have prepayment options.


Rethink My Healthcare offers a subscription-based model, letting patients choose a primary care doctor and opt in to other wellness programs, such as dental and vision coverage. 


Our review: The upfront pricing offered by Rethink My Healthcare and the included access to mental health services make this telehealth solution one of the best. 

What You Should Know About Rethink My Healthcare

Best features

  • Mental health services included with a subscription
  • $0 copay for subscribers on behavioral health services
  • $24.99 for a single appointment with primary care physician
  • Dental rates negotiated as part of the direct pay network


  • Payment collected prior to appointment
  • Limited ability to prescribe medications
  • Availability within the United States only

How Does Rethink My Healthcare Work?

To get started with remote health care through Rethink My Healthcare, you sign up for a one-time visit or subscription. After purchasing your single visit or monthly pass, you can schedule an appointment using the online portal. All behavioral health visits have a $0 copay and are included in the $99 monthly fee.

Rethink My Healthcare is a totally new take on coverage that isn’t an insurance policy. Instead, the platform negotiates rates directly with service providers to give you some of the lowest prices on covered services. Whether you need a prescription for antibiotics to treat an upper respiratory infection or would like to be screened for a mental health condition, both services are available through Rethink My Healthcare. When a provider writes you a prescription, it’s sent directly to the pharmacy of your choice, streamlining the process. And, while your Rethink My Healthcare subscription isn’t covered by insurance, prescriptions can be if you have a plan in place. 

How do you use Rethink My Healthcare?

To make an appointment using Rethink My Healthcare, you simply log in to the online portal and select a provider. The system shows you which doctors or mental health professionals are available in your area and the wait time for an appointment. In general, appointments with a doctor are available within 10 minutes. 

How much does Rethink My Healthcare cost?

Appointment type Price
One-time visit with a primary care provider $24.99
Behavioral health subscription $99/month
Virtual health care subscription $99/month

Does insurance cover Rethink My Healthcare?

If you have health insurance, it won’t cover a subscription or one-time visit through Rethink My Healthcare.  For those without health insurance or who have high deductibles, this company offers an alternative to traditional insurance, where you enroll in a direct pay network that has pre-negotiated rates for affordable care. 

What does Rethink My Healthcare treat?

If you’re seeking behavioral health services, Rethink My Healthcare offers a variety of services including both therapy and psychiatry. Some examples of conditions treated through this virtual platform include ADD/ADHD, depression, anxiety, grief, and addiction. The platform’s primary care doctors typically treat acute onset illnesses such as sinus infections, UTIs, bronchitis, and cold and flu symptoms. 

Can Rethink My Healthcare write prescriptions?

You can get many prescriptions written through the Rethink My Healthcare platform, from antibiotics to blood pressure medications. The platform’s board-certified doctors can write new prescriptions or refill prescriptions for existing treatment plans. Controlled substances are excluded from the available options and typically require an in-office visit to a local practitioner. 

Prescriptions are sent directly to the pharmacy of your choice, and transmission times are often near-instant. 

When can you get a Rethink My Healthcare appointment?

Wait times for appointments typically depend on the type of care you need. For a visit with a primary care doctor, you can sign up and see a doctor in just a few minutes, any time of the day or night. For behavioral health services, such as a therapy session or a first-time appointment with a psychiatrist, it may take up to a week to find a provider who can fit you in based on your schedule. While therapists are not limited to standard business hours, there may be some time frame limitations when scheduling. 

Can you pick a Rethink My Healthcare doctor?

You can select your doctor when scheduling a psychiatry or therapy appointment. When offering you provider options, Rethink My Healthcare shows you all of the providers available in your area and helps you narrow down the list based on availability and your specific needs. Doctors are board-certified in your state and have an average of 10 years of experience. 

How can you get Rethink My Healthcare support?

If you need help with accessing services or anything else pertaining to your Rethink My Healthcare account, you can contact customer service by submitting a support ticket via the online portal, by calling 888-899-8809, or sending an email to [email protected]

What Customers Say About Rethink My Healthcare

Rethink My Healthcare is fairly new to the market and doesn’t have many reviews. Those who have used the telehealth services have generally been happy with their treatment and care. 

Good review about Rethink My Healthcar 

“I had a fever 1:00 am, called one of the doctors and got treated right away. Super cool service and easy to use.”

Bad review about Rethink My Healthcare

“Was great until they decided to cut ties with MD Live. Refusal to reveal new platform and work with clients who had established a therapeutic bond!! Cut ties and left clients hanging. Zero response to emails calls or messages.”

Bottom Line

Rethink My Healthcare can be an affordable alternative to traditional insurance for those who are generally healthy. The $99 subscription model offers unlimited access to behavioral health services, which can be costly with traditional insurance plans. By making these services available with a $0 copay, Rethink My Healthcare makes them accessible to more people. As many as one-in-four Americans will have a mood disorder at some point in their lives, but only half of the number will seek help. Rethink My Healthcare removes some of the barriers to receiving care, making it a solid choice if you have limited health care coverage or live in an where it’s difficult to make in-office visits. 

Virtual appointments do put some limitations on the scope of services available to patients. For example, a diagnosis for a chronic condition will likely require an office visit, as will any prescriptions for controlled substances, including psychiatric medications commonly prescribed to treat conditions such as anxiety and attention disorders. For those who only need access to urgent care, occasional doctor’s visits, or therapy sessions, Rethink My Healthcare may be an affordable choice.