MDLive Review

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Published: February 26, 2021


With the rising popularity of telemedicine, there's little need to deal with noisy waiting rooms, long wait times, and rushed office appointments. MDLive is one of the largest telehealth providers offering virtual consultations for urgent care, dermatology, talk therapy, and psychiatric services.


A traditional in-person doctor appointment can take weeks to get, but with MDLive, you'll have access to a network of trusted physicians and therapists whenever it's most convenient for you. MDLive services are a covered health insurance benefit for more than 60 million people, so you could pay as little as $0 for expert advice without ever leaving your home.


Our review: With appointments available anytime, MDLive is a great choice for people with busy lives and packed schedules. Its comprehensive services allow you to see a physician, therapist, psychiatrist, or another specialist all in one conveniently accessible place.

What You Should Know About MDLive

Best features

  • Consultations as low as $0 with insurance
  • Mental health services
  • MDLive doctors average 15+ years of experience


  • Not for emergency medical care
  • Not intended to replace regular primary care

How Does MDLive Work?

MDLive provides virtual doctor consultations on your desktop computer or through the MDLive app, available for almost any iPhone and Android device. Consultations for general medical care cost up to $82, but your costs will be lower if you have insurance. If you need psychiatric care, it’s $284 for the initial visit and $108 for follow-ups. Doctors on MDLive can treat many of the same conditions that urgent care or your primary care doctor can. They’ll also write prescriptions if they feel it’s warranted.

How do you use MDLive?

You can access the service via the free MDLive app with any internet-enabled Android or Apple device. Video consultations are also available on desktop computers with a webcam (1.3 megapixels or higher), microphone, and high-speed internet connection. MDLive offers voice-only consultations by phone in certain U.S. states, but video appointments are recommended because visual examinations are often needed for a diagnosis. If you are hearing impaired, you can use the live chat feature on the MDLive website.

How much does MDLive cost?

Appointment type Price
Medical care $0-$82
Dermatology $0-$75
Therapy $0-$108

Does insurance cover MDLive?

MDLive is a covered group benefit for many health insurance plans. With insurance, you might pay as little as $0, depending on the type of doctor you need to see. Without insurance, costs are comparable to a typical copay for most services. You’ll need to pay upfront before meeting with a doctor if your insurance doesn’t cover it. MDLive accepts debit cards and most major credit cards.

What does MDLive treat?

MDLive doctors can treat many urgent care issues, including fever, allergies, nausea, headache, and certain types of infections. Dermatologists can diagnose and treat a variety of common skin conditions, such as acne, rashes, cold sores, and eczema. Counselors and psychologists are on call with talk therapy services that can help you cope with stress, grief, or issues related to a mood disorder. If you think you need treatment for depression or another mental illness, MDLive has psychiatrists available to assess you. MDLive isn’t intended to replace regular in-person primary care and can’t be used for emergency medical issues, such as broken bones, chest pain, or trouble breathing.

Can MDLive write prescriptions?

MDLive doctors can write you a prescription for many types of medications based on your exam and diagnosis. They are unable to provide prescriptions for controlled substances, including narcotic drugs, stimulants, and anxiolytics (antianxiety medication). You may not be able to get a prescription for drugs that are restricted in your state. Your prescriptions are sent to the pharmacy of your choice for you to pick up.

When can you get an MDLive appointment?

MDLive doctors are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays. It only takes a few minutes or less to create your account and schedule your consultation. You can choose to see a doctor immediately or set up an appointment at a time that works for you. Some services, such as psychiatry, may not be available 24/7, so you’ll need to make an appointment to use them.

Can you pick an MDLive doctor?

After you’ve set up an account and provided a reason for your visit, MDLive shows you a list of doctors who are available and able to help you. You can browse their profiles and choose the one you like best. Due to laws and regulations, MDLive will only match you with doctors who practice in your state. MDLive’s network includes board-certified physicians and trained, licensed mental health care professionals. All providers go through a background check on work history, education, training, and licensure.

How can you get MDLive support?

You can contact MDLive by phone at (800) 400-6354 or send an email support ticket for customer support. If you email, response times may vary. All refund requests must be handled by a Health Service Specialist over the phone. Answers to common inquiries can be found on the company’s Frequently Asked Questions page.

What Customers Say About MDLive

Good reviews about MDLive

Quick, efficient, professional, and just what I was looking for with a simple medical problem!”

This is so much better than having to travel to town and sit in the office for 30 minutes to see the doctor.”

Used this service a couple of times over the last three years and they have been spot on with diagnosis and treatment.”

Bad reviews about MDLive

I don’t like the fact that you have to pay for your appointments at the time they have confirmed whether it be one to six months away.”

The doctor forgot to send in my prescription and then proceeded to ignore all phone calls from MDLive.”

I had to fight for months to get reimbursed a copay they charged me when we have zero copay.”

Bottom Line

MDLive offers a convenient way to see a doctor from home when you’re not feeling well or need a refill for prescription medication. One of MDLive’s biggest perks is the variety of doctors available on the platform. If you have a strange rash, mole, or other skin condition, you can get the expert opinion of a certified dermatologist in just minutes. MDLive goes beyond basic urgent care with its talk therapy and psychiatric services, which can help diagnose depression, anxiety, and many other mental illnesses.

All doctors on MDLive go through a stringent background check to ensure you’ll receive care that you know you can trust. The doctors you can see are limited to providers licensed to practice in your state due to laws and regulations that vary nationwide. Services are fairly priced, and if your insurance covers MDLive, you might pay less or nothing for care.