Anytime Pediatrics Review

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Published: February 26, 2021


As a parent, it can be tough to know whether your child's fever or stomachache warrants a trip to urgent care. Thanks to the growing trend of telemedicine, you may be able to skip the office visit and get expert advice from a pediatrician right in your own home. Anytime Pediatrics is the only telemedicine provider that's focused solely on health care for kids. It offers virtual visits with your existing pediatrician or another trusted doctor in its provider network, so you can be confident in the level of care your child receives.


Our review: With convenient hours for virtual appointments, Anytime Pediatrics lets you connect with your child's doctor when it's convenient for you. The service is ideal for both primary care and urgent care issues and can offer you peace of mind without the stress of an in-person office visit.

What You Should Know About Anytime Pediatrics

Best features

  • See your own pediatrician virtually
  • Extended appointment hours
  • Insurance accepted


  • Not for 24/7 care
  • Unclear pricing for self-pay customers

How Does Anytime Pediatrics Work?

Anytime Pediatrics is an app-based telehealth service that lets your child see their pediatrician virtually from almost anywhere. If your insurance includes telemedicine as a benefit, you can use it to cover your appointment on Anytime Pediatrics. Pricing isn’t provided for customers who don’t have insurance, but in general, you can expect to pay less than you would for a typical urgent care visit. You can use the service for primary care, urgent issues, and chronic condition management. Pediatricians on the platform can write prescriptions and provide sick notes for your child’s school when needed.

How do you use Anytime Pediatrics?

You can access Anytime Pediatrics appointments via mobile phone, tablet, or desktop computer with a webcam and microphone. The company recommends its free app for Android or Apple devices as the best way to consult with your child’s pediatrician. A camera is required to use the service so the doctor can visually examine your child and provide the most accurate treatment or diagnosis.

How much does Anytime Pediatrics cost?

Appointment type Price
Primary care, urgent care, mental and behavioral health care Not provided

Does insurance cover Anytime Pediatrics?

Anytime Pediatrics accepts most major insurance if your plan covers telemedicine visits. If yours doesn’t, or if you don’t have insurance, you’ll pay a flat fee for your appointment. Rates may vary depending on what your pediatrician charges. Anytime Pediatrics doesn’t list prices on its website and claims that the fee is less than what you’d pay at the average urgent care clinic.

What does Anytime Pediatrics treat?

Anytime Pediatrics is suitable for on-demand sick visits and routine follow-ups for chronic conditions, mental health, and medication management. It offers virtual consultations on a number of topics important to many parents, such as nutrition education and lactation assistance for new moms. Doctors on the platform can treat many of the same issues virtually that they can with an in-person visit. However, Anytime Pediatrics is not meant for emergency care. If you think your child is experiencing serious medical symptoms, including difficulty breathing or severe bleeding, you should call 911 or go directly to the emergency room.

Can Anytime Pediatrics write prescriptions?

The doctor who sees your child can write a prescription if it’s necessary, although some types of medications may require an in-person exam. Your doctor might not be able to virtually write prescriptions for certain kinds of medications, such as controlled substances and drugs that are restricted by law in your state. Anytime Pediatrics sends prescriptions electronically to your pharmacy of choice for you to pick up. Sick notes are also provided if your child needs one for school.

When can you get an Anytime Pediatrics appointment?

Each provider sets their own consultation hours on Anytime Pediatrics, so the appointment times available to you will depend on your doctor. Appointments are typically provided seven days a week, but not 24 hours a day, and consultation times are limited on the weekend. It takes just a few minutes to set up an account and make an appointment on Anytime Pediatrics. To book your consultation, you’ll provide information about your child, including medical history, allergies, and the reason for care. Once submitted, your doctor will contact you shortly for your appointment.

Can you pick an Anytime Pediatrics doctor?

If your in-person pediatrician is part of the Anytime Pediatrics network, you will have your virtual consultation with them. Otherwise, you’ll be matched with another doctor in the network who’s available and able to treat your child. Anytime Pediatrics only matches you with physicians who are licensed to practice in your state. You cannot choose your doctor, but if a provider isn’t a good fit for your child, you can request a refund and see a different provider.

How can you get Anytime Pediatrics support?

If you have scheduling concerns or questions, Anytime Pediatrics requests that you contact your pediatrician’s office directly, as the company doesn’t offer live support. For queries about billing or technical issues with the Anytime Pediatrics app, email [email protected].

What Customers Say About Anytime Pediatrics

Good reviews about Anytime Pediatrics

I was able to get medical advice in the late hours of the night without having to drag my sick baby to the emergency room.”

Great app. Love that my kids can see their own pediatrician!”

“Very useful, quick response once logged into the appointment. I would absolutely recommend it.”

Bad reviews about Anytime Pediatrics

“As a parent, this app was great to input updates and being able to FaceTime his doctor especially during the pandemic, but unfortunately there’s a bug after the last update and now I can’t open the app at all.”

“They charged me $110 for one appointment for a 16 month old.”

I have been trying for an hour to see my pediatrician. The office is open but I can’t select it.

Bottom Line

If your child isn’t feeling well and you can’t wait for an in-person appointment with your pediatrician, Anytime Pediatrics might be the right solution for you. Unlike most other telehealth platforms that pair you with a randomly selected physician, Anytime Pediatrics lets your child see the same doctor they go to for traditional office visits if they’re in the company’s network. It’s a convenient and reliable way to see the pediatrician who knows your child and understands their unique medical history.

Many doctor’s offices are only open during standard business hours, but Anytime Pediatrics enables your doctor to offer extended appointment times that are better suited for your busy schedule. Although Anytime Pediatrics is covered by insurance in most cases, the company doesn’t provide prices for customers who self pay, so you won’t know what the fee is until you go through the appointment booking process.