Maven Review

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Published: February 26, 2021


Telehealth is a rapidly growing industry, and it's not surprising why — the service lets you see a trusted doctor when it's most convenient for you, even in the middle of the night. Maven is one of the only telehealth providers focused on family planning services.


Your Maven care team walks with you every step of the way, from fertility treatments to maternity care and beyond. Maven's network includes midwives, prenatal nutritionists, psychologists, and many other types of specialists, so you can get advice from a wide range of professionals without ever leaving home. Even if you already have an in-person OB-GYN, you can use Maven for guidance, second opinions, and care between office visits.


Our review: Maven offers near-instant access to more than 25 types of providers, expert family planning advice, and MD-approved resources tailored to your goals and health needs.

What You Should Know About Maven

Best features

  • Specialty care for women and couples
  • Employer-sponsored plans available
  • Dedicated care advocate
  • Large resource library


  • Insurance not accepted
  • Extra charge for private messaging (self-pay patients only)
  • Must cancel an appointment within 24 hours for a refund

How Does Maven Work?

Maven provides on-demand video consultations on your desktop computer or mobile device via the company’s free app. Prices vary depending on the specialist you see and the length of your appointment. Rates can range from $20 to speak with a nurse practitioner to $120 for a psychiatric appointment. Insurance isn’t accepted, but if your employer pays for Maven membership, all services are free for you and your partner.

Maven providers offer prenatal and postnatal care, family planning assistance, mental health care, and pediatric care for kids up to early adolescence. You can get a prescription on Maven if a provider thinks you need it.

How do you use Maven?

Once you’ve created your Maven account, you’ll log in to the platform to find a doctor and book your appointment. All appointments are conducted via video chat, with the option to send your doctor a private email or text message. The Maven platform doesn’t support audio-only appointments due to security protocols.

You’ll need an Android phone, Apple device (iPhone/iPad), or desktop computer with a webcam and microphone to access your Maven appointment. If you’re using a computer, sign in to Maven’s site from the Firefox or Google Chrome browser (Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge aren’t compatible at this time).

How much does Maven cost?

Appointment type Price
Physicians (OB-GYN, pediatrician, others) $40/10-minute appointment
Lactation consultants, doulas, physical therapists, nutritionists $25/10-minute appointment
Mental health care providers $20/10-minute appointment (first week only)
$70/40-minute appointment (Master’s level)
$120/40-minute appointment (Doctorate level)

Does insurance cover Maven?

Maven doesn’t accept insurance, but the cost of an appointment is comparable to the average copay of an insurance plan. If your employer offers Maven membership as a covered benefit, however, you’ll pay nothing for most appointments. Employer-sponsored plans come with exclusive perks, such as adoption and surrogacy counseling, fertility treatment guidance, and a courier service that ships pumped breast milk for your baby anywhere it needs to go. They also include unlimited free private messages ($5 per message otherwise).

What does Maven treat?

Maven is ideal for family planning, nutrition counseling, prenatal and postnatal care, mental health care, and pediatrics for kids through early adolescence. Providers offer education, guidance, and emotional support for families considering fertility treatments, such as IVF or IUI. Psychologists and psychiatrists are available to treat postpartum depression, anxiety, and other issues that commonly affect new moms. Maven isn’t intended for primary care or urgent care and doesn’t treat emergency medical issues.

Can Maven write prescriptions?

Doctors, nurse practitioners, and midwives on Maven are able to write you a prescription if they think it’s appropriate. In some cases, a provider may request that you see a physician in person to get a prescription. Doctors can also complete certain medical forms for you and provide sick notes if you need to miss work or school. All telehealth providers, including Maven, are prohibited by federal law from writing prescriptions for controlled substances, such as narcotics and some types of mental health medications. Prescriptions are sent to your local pharmacy to pick up.

When can you get a Maven appointment?

Appointments are typically available 24/7, and it takes only a few minutes to set up an account and book your consultation. Doctors list the times they’re available, and you’ll choose a slot that’s convenient for you. You can also ask any doctor an anonymous question and get answers at any time, depending on when the provider is online. 

Can you pick a Maven doctor?

When you log in to the Maven platform to book your appointment, you can filter providers based on your symptoms, concerns, or the type of specialist you wish to see. Maven shows you a list of matching providers, and you can choose to meet with anyone you’d like. Maven can only match you with providers who operate in your state of residence, however. If you’re satisfied with your doctor, you can book appointments with them on a regular basis. To become part of Maven’s network, providers must undergo a license verification, video interview, timed evaluation, and reference check by the company’s practitioner advisory committee.

How can you get Maven support?

Maven members can message their care advocate directly for support anytime. General support inquiries can be sent to Maven via email, although response times may vary. If you’d like to request a refund for any reason, you’ll need to do so through an email support ticket. The company doesn’t offer phone support or any other live customer service options. Answers to questions about billing, appointments, and technical problems may be found in the Maven Knowledgebase.

What Customers Say About Maven

Good reviews about Maven

I received full attention, great suggestions and a feeling that the person was listening to me and responding to me.”

“The doctor was on time, really kind, listened, answered my questions, and made great recommendations.”

During all the crazy ups and downs of my fertility and pregnancy journey, Maven has been there for me. I’ve been able to get same-day video appointments and texts from exceptional practitioners.”

Bad reviews about Maven

Because I didn’t have my symptoms for the amount of time her computer screen said, she did nothing except regurgitate the same things over and over.”

I really felt a disconnect between the physician and I, and it seemed that she was staring more at her Google screen than to what I was saying.”

It is very convenient but I wish they lowered the price or made it where the price you pay is worth the time.”

Bottom Line

Maven isn’t intended to replace in-person visits with your OB-GYN but rather complements your care with on-demand expert advice from a large network of trusted specialists. One of the best features of Maven is its dedicated care advocates who are assigned to every member. Care advocates can answer general health questions, keep appointment information organized, and even provide referrals to local doctors and other providers in your area.

If your employer covers it, you and your partner get access to all of Maven’s services, including specialist appointments and unlimited private messaging, at zero cost to you. Employer-sponsored Maven programs are designed to support a healthy work-life balance for first-time parents, new moms, and couples struggling with infertility. Some programs are only available if your employer offers a Maven membership plan. If yours doesn’t, you can’t access these services even if you’re willing to pay for them yourself. Self-paying customers still have 24/7 access to Maven’s network of more than 25 types of specialists, though, with costs for an appointment in range of the average copay.