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Commercial-Grade HD Televisions for Hospital Common Areas

Waiting Rooms, Lobbies, Rehab Centers, Cafeterias & More

TeleHealth provides all the leading brands of commercial-grade TVs for use in hospital common areas. These TVs offer all the advanced features you need, while avoiding the service problems and lack of appropriate features of the less durable consumer sets. Our commercial-grade HD LED TVs are designed for extended use and deliver superb picture quality, providing memorable viewing experiences for all hospital patients, visitors, and staff.

The televisions installed in hospital waiting rooms, lobbies, and other common areas can reflect a healthcare facility’s overall technology capabilities. Old, off-brand TVs with poor picture quality present one image, whereas advanced HD LED sets from leading manufacturers present an entirely different — and better — image that reassures patients and visitors about the quality and technological capabilities of a facility.

At TeleHealth Services, we help hospitals do their best to provide visitors with a high-quality television experience. With commercial-grade TVs from leading brands like Samsung and LG, your hospital can deliver exceptional picture quality and diverse content offerings, including entertainment and news programming, hospital information, alerts, and other internal messaging, all in brilliant HD clarity.

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TeleHealth’s Marketplace offers an extensive selection of commercial HDTVs in sizes and models (including several ENERGY STAR certified options) that meet your hospital’s unique needs and environment, including:

Like our healthcare-grade TVs, all TeleHealth commercial television products are backed by our industry-leading installation, warranties, and ongoing service and support. Browse through our commercial HD LED televisions, then contact us at 1-800-733-8610 to speak with a team member about our comprehensive hospital television solutions, or to request our HD readiness survey.

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