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The Industry’s Best HD Healthcare Televisions from Leading Manufacturers

Today’s hospitals are being increasingly challenged to find ways to enhance patient satisfaction. Fortunately, effective solutions are achievable with familiar, but often overlooked, devices that provide patients a comforting reminder of home — televisions. High-quality hospital televisions can be very powerful partners in addressing patient experience and satisfaction goals at your facility.

Select with Ease: Hospital HDTVs and Accessories

Browse and purchase your HD LED healthcare-grade televisions, mounts, and accessories quickly and easily from our online Marketplace. Or contact us today at 1-800-535-2459 to discuss all of your hospital television solution needs. We now include a 3-year warranty on all Samsung and LG model healthcare-grade televisions purchased from TeleHealth Services.

At TeleHealth Services, we not only provide healthcare-grade televisions to hospitals and other healthcare facilities nationwide — our team also offers system-level expertise to ensure you are getting the greatest value from your hospital television system. With our knowledge and experience in the hospital television industry, we can help your facility maximize the capabilities available through your hospital TVs, turning a commodity into a powerful tool for delivering effective patient entertainment, education, and engagement.

Our commitment to the patient experience, safety, superior service and warranties, and an incredibly dependable line of HD healthcare-grade televisions allow us to bring the most advanced television solutions to the healthcare industry.

Why Choose Healthcare-Grade TVs for Your Hospital?

Healthcare-grade televisions serve to provide long-term value for your hospital. These TVs not only offer features that consumer televisions simply cannot (including warranties that cover hospital use) — they also meet hospital-level performance and safety standards

Direct-Access Pillow Speaker Interface

An easy-to-use interface for multiple styles of pillow speakers is built right into the TV. This eliminates the hassle of lost remotes and changing batteries.


Healthcare TVs are UL Listed and must meet certain safety regulations put forth by regulatory agencies, such as the National Fire Protection Agency, The Joint Commission,  and the National Electrical Code. Healthcare-grade televisions are constructed with compliance in mind, ultimately promoting safety and reducing liability at your hospital.

Cost Savings

LED technology not only provides a better TV experience for your patients, but it also uses up to 50% less energy than other technologies, such as LCD and outdated CRT TVs still in use at many hospitals. This is true even when you consider that the new LED TVs have much larger screens. Switching to LED hospital televisions can add up to big savings for your facility.

Stunning Picture Quality

TeleHealth has partnered with leading TV manufacturers, combining decades of healthcare experience with the latest in television technology in order to provide hospital patients with the ultimate television viewing experience. Patients will enjoy stunning HD picture quality, as well as access to an expanded lineup of HD channels… all of which can lead to increased patient satisfaction.

Other Key Features

For improved hospital efficiency, healthcare televisions offer displays that enable multi-TV management capabilities, USB cloning technology, volume-limit controls, and auto-sensing side inputs. Facility managers will benefit from the side-mounted USB ports for convenient set-up, on-site warranty program, and a simple-to-use content management system.

Browse Our Selection of Hospital HDTVs

TeleHealth offers a wide selection of healthcare-grade HD LED televisions from industry-leading brands, including Samsung, LG, and PDI:

All Samsung and LG Healthcare TVs include a 3-year warranty.

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