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Infrastructure & Distribution

Infrastructure Design, Installation & Support

The value and capabilities you’re getting — or not getting –– out of your hospital TVs isn’t simply from the televisions themselves or even the content you display on them. It can be just as much about the quality of the infrastructure you have to support the system.

At TeleHealth Services, our team has decades of experience consulting with hospitals and health systems nationwide to determine where they are and where they want to go. With these goals in mind, we create a technology roadmap that provides a clear vision for meeting current requirements and setting the stage for future upgrades. Our customized and scalable systems are specifically designed to maximize the performance, capabilities, and picture quality of your hospital TVs, today and ten years down the road.

For hospital infrastructure design and system integration for hospital networks nationwide, contact TeleHealth. We integrate high-quality headend technology and distribution systems to provide a customized hospital TV network that can accommodate analog systems, digital systems, RF-over-data, and IPTV. Call us at 1-800-535-2459 or email for additional information.

Headend System Evaluation & Design

TeleHealth’s digital headend experts have years of experience designing new systems and evaluating existing systems to ensure your facility is getting the most out of your hospital televisions and interactive patient engagement systems. Let us work with you to design a headend that best meets your needs.

HD Readiness

Television performance is only as good as the input received. To maximize the capabilities of your hospital televisions, let TeleHealth conduct a Television Signal and HD Readiness Assessment. We will evaluate the status of the television signals throughout your facility, as well as your distribution system, and deliver an objective assessment of your current distribution system architecture, with a focus on:

  • Channel lineup
  • Picture quality
  • Bandwidth requirements
  • Industry-standard conformity
  • Future technology expansion

HDTV systems provide a robust foundation for exceptional patient experience.

TeleHealth has delivered professional assessments to healthcare facilities across the US; now let us help you determine if your facility’s infrastructure can deliver high definition.

TeleHealth Services is a Raleigh, NC-based provider of hospital and healthcare infrastructure design and distribution, serving facilities nationwide.