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Using Hospital TVs to Improve Communication and Patient Satisfaction During a Pandemic

Using Hospital TVs to Improve Communication and Patient Satisfaction During a Pandemic: A Sharing of Resources and Best Practices

Wednesday, May 27, 2020 at 2:00pm EST/1:00pm CST


Amy Mora, MBA, MHA, RHEd
Client Outcomes Manager, TeleHealth Services

Shantel Lee, BSN, RN
Clinical Outcomes Manager, TeleHealth Services

Demetrios Stratos
Client Outcomes Manager, TeleHealth Services

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted normal operations in hospitals across the nation.  As acute care facilities focus on preparation and response, they face unprecedented challenges in providing an optimal patient experience. Broad restrictions and extreme measures to limit the spread of the virus have left many patients feeling isolated and anxious.  Many have witnessed upsetting images and stories in the media, which have led them to them face their own mortality.  An abundance of misinformation about COVID-19 hasn’t helped either, as widespread confusion and growing mistrust of sources adds to the distress that patients are already feeling. 

Fortunately, healthcare providers are still regarded as one of the most trusted sources for health information.  With a tool that is already in the majority of inpatient rooms, hospitals have a unique opportunity to provide standardized, continuous communications regarding the COVID-19 outbreak.  Learn how to take advantage of the most watched space in the hospital room – the television – to empower patients with education, answer commonly asked questions, and frame expectations appropriately for a patient experience during a pandemic.  We will also explore thoughtful and creative ways to use in-hospital TV to support patients’ emotional and psychosocial needs for distraction, relaxation, and connection.

A robust toolkit of COVID-19 educational resources will be shared with attendees, along with suggested workflows, best practices, and success stories from other hospitals that are blazing the trail to better patient experiences during a time of crisis.


Upon completion of this webinar, attendees will be able to:

  • Discuss the duty of hospitals as trusted healthcare providers to inform and educate patients about COVID-19
  • Explore the in-room TV as a foundation of the patient experience, and why it becomes even more important during a pandemic
  • Describe how hospitals can be more intentional in meeting their patients’ emotional and psychosocial needs during a time of crisis